Your entry should show:

1. Clear evidence of innovation - for all categories - we are looking for new ideas, new ways of doing things. A fresh approach.

2. Evidence of impact - what impact has the innovation had on the business in question and for the market?

Note: Both criteria are important but 2 is only relevant to the judges if 1 is convincing. See each individual category for more detailed requirements
What do we mean by innovation? What are we looking for?

Any business when considering a project, a product or a marketing initiative is faced with a choice - whether to simply match their competitors or whether to try and gain an advantage by trying something new. These awards are focused on those businesses and brands taking the second route - the path to successful innovation.

In general, we are simply looking for something new. It may be in use in other markets or countries, yet still new to this market. Or it may be genuinely new. In either event we are very interested to hear from you.
New what? - that depends on the category - but all categories, whether people based like the Marketing Team award - or proposition based - should evidence innovation. For the people based awards this may be about the way in which a team is organized, or relates to the rest of the business. Or it may be about the influence the team has had on innovations in the business.

Innovation may be about doing new things, or it may be about doing things differently - both are valid claims to innovation
Where the entry is focused on creative outputs then we are again looking for an indication, or evidence, that real fresh thinking and execution is involved.

Innovation must be tangible - an innovation is more than just an idea. It will start with a spark of an idea, it will be then be developed and tested and only when it is put into practice - and can be said to have made an impact, or an difference - can it be called an innovation. An innovation must drive some form of change.

That's why in the IMAIA criteria we also ask for evidence of impact. It does not mean that the IMAIA's are another effectiveness awards programme - but it does mean that to do well in the IMAIAs you must be able to show innovation and its impact on the market. Otherwise, we would be simply giving awards for the best ideas.
Why enter?

Having your work recognized by a jury of experts is real recognition of the effort your team has put in. It sends a message to the market and it sends a message to your own business. Innovation can be hard, many attempts will fail and often it may seem easier to simply execute competently. Successful innovation must of course be competent as well - but it also offers you an extra edge. Recognising that is why the IMAIAs were founded - and why now in its fourth year it is established as an important fixture in the calendar. We look forward to seeing your work!

Deadline to submit is Friday 20th April. No entries will be accepted after that date, nor can entries cannot be supplemented or edited after that date.

If you are shortlisted further supporting material may be requested from you. The entries will then be assessed by the judging panel.

The entries will then be assessed by the judging panel, firstly on line with each judge coming to an independent assessment. Then at a date in May the judges will attend a day chaired by Tom Wright at which all winners will be decided. Chairperson's decision is final.

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